Sunday, October 22, 2017

Short Quotes - Wm. Samuel

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MARCH 2l  2018 

In these final years when errors must necessarily give way to Fact, the scientific community, as the world-intellect  itself is called upon to stop and examine your WHOLE science for just a time and see if the two mathematical principles upon which all your vast endeavors are built have not ALREADY disclosed the necessity for a new mode of thinking that includes the surrender of (or the necessity for a new mode of thinking that includes the surrender of (or devaluation of) a personal sense of identity.

MARCH 20 2018

Why  must man, of all creatures, why must man insist on ignorance until he has studied system after system after system, finally, finally, only to surrender from the anguish of all of it and when he surrenders from the anguish of all of it he is quick to awaken to the wisdom that is already himself.

MARCH 19 2018 

Without question, the one "thing" which man gives the greatest value, out of all proportion, is the "thing" which he sees when he looks in the mirror.

The body in the mirror is not our Identity, anymore than Macbeth is the identity of the actor playing the role.  The one and only Identity is That which is being the consciousness that perceives the body in the mirror, the mirror itself  Awareness it he activity of That which is being the body, the door, the frame, the house, the world and the entire universe,every bit is included in (as) the Awareness that looks in the mirror.

 March 15 2018

Said Jesus, "Blest is he who shall stand at the beginning, and he shall know the end and shall not taste death." said Laaotse "The sage is the one who has found the beginning and  then does not wander from the ways of the ancients.)  Here is the  Secret Place .

MARCH 14 2018

Let him who seeks not cease seeking until he finds and when he finds he will be troubled and when he and when he has been troubled , he will marvel and he will reign over the All.  (The Gospel according to Thomas."

 March 12 2018
Jesus observed:  " Heaven is even now spread over the whole face of the earth but men perceive it not."

February 19 2018

Enlightenment is one's natural state of being.  What appears as a pathway--or means of recognition.  What appears as a pathway -- or means of recognizing enlightenment - is our surrender of everything that denies Self's already-enlightenment.

February 12 2018

Ultimately, we are brought to understand that the Light of Life is ALL, there is no pathway TO it.  Words leading one to believe he hasn't arrived" or "just doesn't know the Truth" until he has been smitten by some vast "Spiritual Experience or awakened to find himself a blinded "Body of Light" are misleading words.

Whatever would have one continue the belief he is a wary pilgrim searching for the Light is to be put aside for the New Covenant which discloses the Light of Light to be All in all ALREADY. 


November 28/2018

Love is the multiplier of good, the diminisher of evil.
Love sees love and widens all boundaries.
Love neutralizes bitterness, melts hatred, makes friends.
Love is the greatest story ever told,
the greatest power ever known 
the greatest light ever seen
Love is life and banishes dying.
Love is generous and kind,
open-faced and childlike.
Love is trusting, guiltless and innocent.
Love is grandeur, loftiness and near at hand.
Love is heaven on earth; the the answer to quesions.
Love is God in man.

   October 28th/2018 

 Wisdom is information.  Information is accumulated time.  Time, among other things, is the accumulation of information and wisdom.  Real information is "truth"--what is, as opposed to illusion, belief, mythology, not-truth."

What can  one tell a young child about Truth?  Nothing in the world's terms because the human child doesn't understand the world's terms yet.

What can the child tell the adult about Truth?  Much, but not in the world's terms.  The world has forgotten the child's perception and has grown out of them into adulthood and language.

A meaningful equation:  The "river" of thought is like the mathematical point.  Objectivism is like the line.  Subjectivism is like the plane.  The Equation is like the sphere wherein all the dimensions exist and time vanishes.  The point it limited to the point's purview, the line to the line's, and so on.  But line understands point, plane understands line and point,etc.  The Child-Self precedes time and space, even while being in it and  understanding why it exists.

 Bottom line:  We rediscover the original Child within us ll and run with it   It will tell us all we need to know of religion, psychology, metaphysics and science without taking us to all the extremes therein.

November 4, 2017

The universe is eminently successful.  Just look at the wheeling galaxies with their teeming billions of stars and great fulfs of flaming fluorescence.  There is perfect order there.  Consider the Milky Way, filled with countless suns, wheeling ever wheeling, in silent grandeur around an invisible power that holds them in its grip.

See our sun how successful it is with its orbiting planets.

Success, boiled down to the single Truth, is Truth itself in the process of being.  There is no other success.  Furthermore, there is nothing but success.

How does "success" relate to the individual?  In the same way that REALITY relates to the individual.  There is no individual outisde the one individual reality.  Just as God, Realit, is being all there is to this Awareness I am, exactly so is Reality being all there is to what is termed "success."  It is the same single Reality, successful and being Self-Aware.''

There is no individual success between people, places and things.  That has all to do with the human picture which is one of a sense of limitation brought on by the belief that individuals are the possessor of Awareness.  Because of this mistaken view of things, one can think there are all sort of "success"--limited, big, small, and they come and go.  Within this erroneous picture there is the opposite of success too--failure and all its degrees of magnitude.

November 6, 2017

Looking at the successful universe it is certain that it is the very presence of tranquil equanimity.  Silent perfection is in balance everywhere.  The Holy One is the form and substance of all that is, the joy, perfection and beauty of everything.  The one is form and substance of all that is, the joy, perfection and beauty of everything.  The one is the one I adore!  And who is the one that I adore!  And who is the one called "I"?  Who is this one who can adore the all?  This is certain.  All I really am, God is being.  And that is real concerning this "I" id God's reality which is I.

There is no personal me to have trials and tribulations.  There is no separate one who suffers and scrapes out a meager livelihood.  There is one being only--that one is Holy infinite being called good, God.

November 21 2017
It seems to me that the onslaught of upheaval in the world is the force that shakes the world's shoulder from its sleep.  And if the world does not awaken still, I know that God is not asleep and if God is not asleep than neither am I.  God and God's Awareness is Here and Now and Is Life of Us  This Truth remains immutable and unbound by any appearance in the time-matter's scenario.

We are in the middle of the birth of the Dawn of the New Day.  Nothing is awry, including this drama going o as history and world events.  But you and I must keep the vigil and stand true and strong with our inner vision lifted up above 'the passing scene'.  Now that does not mean we ignore the 'temporal scene'.  Not at all, we must still do for our world all the good thing that we can, that is a requirement of Love.  Love is what it''s all about.

 November 22 2017

There is much fear abroad in the land.  Books have been written about fear and how to overcome it.  Fear seems to be a problem to everyone.  There are no fearless people. Well, after all of these years that I've spent wrestling with one sense of fear after another I finally learned- finally, that fear is not something that can be put off nor put away, it isn't something that one is healed of.  Rather, fear, like a shadow, is something to be understood and then, when it's finally understood, the sting goes out of it.


November 23 2017

One can follow the sun by turning his beach chair from east to west during time's daylight hours, that's one of his choices; or he can be the sun which precludes the necessity for changing the chair every few minutes.  But, of these two ways to do it, being the sun, being light itself clearly understands why the tangible form and all tangibility must turn its chairs during the daylight watch.  Identity doesn't end tangibilities, seasons and cycles, those cycles unfold within the sun's light and because the sun is.  Light knows more than any viewpoint looking at light could ever hope to know but the process of looking at light doesn't end when one takes identity to be light.

There are a lot of folks who think that metaphysics, truth is here to make a human life more pleasant.  Well, they're mistaken.  You've heard these words before, "My Peace give I unto Thee", great statement but he makes clear, Jesus made clear that the peace was not the sort of peace that the world knows about.  He said, it's a peace beyond understanding.  If one thinks that the Christ life or the identification that life itself is supposed to present a continuous picture of human joy and human happiness, he's mistaken, he need only consider these words.  Listen to these words from the bible.  "Jesus groaned in the spirit and was troubled."  Well, if living the Christ life is supposed to be a life forever free of anguish, how is it that one reads of the life that Jesus represents, groaning in the spirit and being troubled.  And then, just a few verses over, "Jesus wept..." and then a few more verses overs, "Jesus therefore again groaning in himself, cometh to the grave of his friend Lazarus.